Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wings, check

Finished wings; just need snap attachments added.

Wings are all cut and stitched together. Color layer order ended up being reversed due to amounts of fabric available and fabric weights. The black is a really heavy polyester and would not have worked as top layer over the mid-weight light color and super lightweight lining fabric of the medium color. I am not finishing any edges on these. If they fray, they fray. I may go back over the edges later on with free-motion stitching to make sure they don't fray into oblivion, but the overall effect I'm going for is a little raggedy. I need to sew on some snaps so I can attach them to a grey cardigan sweater to wear over the slip tonight. Next up: making and attaching feather shapes to the slip. I figure if I don't get to the beak-making part that isn't so bad since I have some vibrant yellow eyeshadow I can can use on my schnoz instead.

Some during the making of shots.


  1. Your wings look very similar to mine, albeit a bit more complex in shape! Interesting, because we made them on the same day (though I didn't get mine blogged until yesterday- I blame the night-before-Halloween kegger).

    Great minds and all.

  2. Those wings are awesome!!

    Nice job - You put a lot more effort into a costume than me - My boyfriend and I went as chess pieces (he a rook and I a knight). I made horse ears and a rook hat from felt and we both dressed in black :P


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