Wednesday, October 20, 2010

y = -A((e^(-x/B) + e^(x/B))/2)+A = STL Edition of (Not Really) Wordless Wednesday

I'm back from St Louis and over the next few days will be catching up on responding to all the comments left here as well as Etsy conversations that I did not gt to at all over the weekend. The wedding was wonderful and I am so happy I got to see my friend (who I am convinced is one of the absolute best people on the face of the earth, for many reasons) get married and catch up with other good friends at the reception afterward. The photo above was taken on highway 64/40 westbound coming into the city. A few minutes before I took this while driving I had caught a glimpse of the archtop between two business buildings and gasped in surprise. Somehow I had not realized I was that close to my destination and was taken aback when I saw a sliver of the iconic structure. These short trips have made me miss the city more and more, but we have the beginnings of a plan to move back in 5-7 months or so. No offense, Fort Campbell, but I don't particularly like living here; you're kinda boring.

That equation in the post title came from my high school AP Calc class. We had to find real life applications for various functions and equations and my group had the Gateway Arch of St Louis. I do not recall now what most of those letters stood for or why. I can't really even tell you why I remember the equation 10 years later, but I can tell you that is an equation for a flattened catenary curve meaning it is thinner in the middle than the ends. This structural design basis for the symbol of my most beloved city also helps create the illusion that it is taller than it really is when observed from the ground. Isn't calculus fun!? Well, I think it is anyway, even if I don't remember even 1/2 of what I originally learned about it. I feel the same way about physics, too, and especially particle physics. So cool! I find the simultaneous simplicity of nature and multiplicity of solutions involved with equations a very attractive concept, but mostly I think I just like the rearranging of things from side to side to solve for variables and the fact that you can do whatever you want to them as long as you do it to both sides and it's still all perfectly balanced and, oh, did I mention they can be used to make drawings, too? Holy crap is that ever awesome! I <3 Math. I'll stop babbling now and let you see more pictures.

gorgeous outdoor ceremony

The bride's father makes really good wine. I re-corked it a little too well before it was finished off.

photogenic as always. too bad the cameraman missed the instructions to get my camera to focus. oh well

Hey, hey, the gang's all here! I love these folks. They are awesome beyond explanation.

More pics later as my connection is not cooperating with uploads right now.

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