Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Love Links: DIY Doggie stuff

Zombie has been with us for several weeks now and is officially a member of the family. While I have not yet made anything specifically for Z, I have been doing a lot of research since she first came to live with us and today's Love Links post is a variety of dog-related sites and projects from basic training to crafts and DIY treats.

Scrappy Dog Bed Tutorial from Urban Crunch *
No Sew Dog Bandanna also from Urban Crunch
Dog Bone Shaped Cookie Cutter from Instructables user  Doggie Stylish (lots more from this user, too)
Biscuit Mix in a Jar from Bella Online user Sandy Moyer (good quick and cheap gift for someone with a dog and has a printable card/instructions)
Penelope Cake at The Bark has a few neat tutorials for canine accoutrements
As usual, the folks at Martha Stewart have a bunch of great-looking dog crafts (most are for smaller dogs, but could easily be altered for larger breeds) *

Peanut Butter Dog Treats from Sugarlaws
Homemade Treats from Craftzine
Homemade Dog Cookies tutorial from Instructables user basilicious
Diabetic Dog Treats from AllRecipes user barb Maxwell *
Homemade Dog Food from AllRecipes user BKBISHOP
Guide to Making Your Own Dog Food at Home from Gourmet Sleuth

Training and Behavior
LOTS of behavior and training information articles available here on The Bark
DIY Agility Course from  Canine Crib (this one could have gone under Crafting as well, but overall I think it falls better into the Training and Behavior category)
The Walk from Dog Breed Info Center (Also has LOTS of other articles ind information regarding training and behavior and how to help fix or eliminate problem behaviors. This site has become invaluable to me as I work with Zombie learning verbal and visual commands and learning what to expect from a labrador/beagle mix.)

* denotes shown in photo mosaic

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tueday Love Links: 2011 Printable Calendars

Make Your Own owl-themed 2011 Calendar from My Owl Barn*  (free and with 30 different artists/images to choose from)
No-Nonsense Customizable Printables from Calendar Labs  (free)
Print and Cut Nature Calendar from Blue Tricycle
Psychedelic Printables from Valentina Design*
Cute Cartoon Images from Homemade Calendars  (free)
Origami Animals from Missus D*
Bright Florals from Valentina Design
Pretty, Feminine Colors and Classic Design Elements from STRUTH design
Scenic Images from Homemade Calendars  (free)
Cute and Colorful Options from 123NewYears

*  = featured in photo mosaic

Saturday, November 6, 2010

One-Pot Breakfast

They both have to be brought to a boil for 10-12 minutes. I figure why not boil them all together and save some dish washing, right? Added salt and pepper to boiling water. Turned out with perfect potatoes and pre-seasoned boiled eggs that I didn't even have to salt. Awesome.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Recipe Friday: Crispy Hash Browns

I must start this Recipe Friday with an apology. I teased you last week stating that this week's recipe included honey and roses and it really was supposed to. I was going to make honey-sweetened, rose-flavored ice cream. And I tried 3 times, but it isn't happening yet. My freezer has stopped getting cold enough to properly freeze the bowl of my ice cream maker and so it isn't freezing anything. I am still making it right now in the freezer using a different freezing method, but you will unfortunately have to wait until the next Recipe Friday for the recipe and photo instructions. I am sorry. Instead, here is a recipe and instructions for what was for dinner the other night: hash browns!

I tried for years to figure out how to make delicious, crispy hash browns in my own kitchen. I would get all sorts of yummy, delicious fried potato sides and flavor combinations, but they were never crispy enough. I wanted them to be like the hash browns I got at the Waffle House on Natty Bridge when I went there with Doc to talk about band stuff and student government stuff and life in general. After trying and trying and failing and failing I figured it was just some sort of potato trickery and people weren't supposed to get crispy hash browns at home. Kind of like you can never make McDonald's fries at home; they're not really potatoes, there's a bunch of other stuff in there, too. Then Corey made breakfast and succeeded in making the best hash browns I've had since those Waffle House days with Doc. Apparently it has nothing to do with the type or condition of your potatoes, how hot the oil is or how how long you cook them. The only thing that matters is the moisture level of the shredded potatoes and not crowding the pan.

P.S. - I have learned that there is this contraption called a potato ricer made specifically for squishing the liquid out of shredded potatoes (or mashing cooked ones also). It sounds like it would be pretty neat, but crispy hash browns can definitely be accomplished without another kitchen contraption.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


rotting logs, Forest Park, St Louis, MO

Here are a few giveaways I have entered recently with links to enter yourself if you would like, in order of ending date.

Bushel of Apples Garland from What. No Mints? at What. No Mints? Blog   - ends Nov 8, 2010

Microwavable corn-filled heat pads by Corn Warmerz from Momma Told Me - ends Nov 10, 2010 (I have a tutorial planned soon for making this type of corn-filled hot/cold pack)

"My Other Ride is a Unicorn" bag by Sick for Cute from Momma Told Me - ends Nov 10, 2010

Lasercut fairy tale puppets by  Isabella's Art from Momma Told Me - ends Nov 12, 2010

3D Clock by 3DTdesign  from Momma Told Me - ends Nov 12, 2010

Collar and Leash set by Diva Dawg  from  Momma Told Me - ends Nov 12, 2010

Rainbow Bird Ornaments from KhaliNouveau giveaway at Adore By Nat - ends Nov 13, 2010

Barefoot Contessa cookbook giveaway at Bo's Bowl - ends Nov 14, 2010

$65 CSN Stores GC giveaway at Miss Organic's Kitchen - ends Nov 14, 2010

$65 CSN Stores GC giveaway at Great Blog Giveaways - ends Nov 14, 2010

Bold Rugs giveaway at One Bored Mommy Blogspot - ends Nov 15, 2010

Happy Day of the Dead!

Today is Day of the Dead and it's been a great, if cloudy, fall day here. Halloween is my favorite holiday, followed closely by Day of the Dead and other similarly celebrated and death-related traditions. I also love skull imagery and art so today I took some time to ogle a few DotD related crafts and photos and arranged my favorites here in this mosaic. Number 5 is a sugar skull necklace by artist Lorena Angulo and she is having a giveaway for it on her blog. She also has a lot of other beautiful jewelery so go check her out.


left to right, top to bottom
1. Genka skull and flower - gwenboul
2. Pin Cushion Queen inspired doll - Toshworks
3. Zombie Skeleton Musician Guitar Solo Metal Sculpture - Zed's Zombie Ranch
4. Scary Skull Scarf PDF Pattern - JudesCreations
*5. Sugar Skull Necklace - Lorena Angulo
6. Sugar Skull hair Flowers - sugarcoffin
7. sugar skull cupcakes - rockamandy
8. Santa Muerte altar talisman - magickshop
9. Skull and Bones Cake - Empress Eve
10. calaveras de dulces - GeeJo
11. OfrendaColonMixquic - Thelmadatter
12. Quijote - José Guadalupe Posada 

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