Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Day of the Dead!

Today is Day of the Dead and it's been a great, if cloudy, fall day here. Halloween is my favorite holiday, followed closely by Day of the Dead and other similarly celebrated and death-related traditions. I also love skull imagery and art so today I took some time to ogle a few DotD related crafts and photos and arranged my favorites here in this mosaic. Number 5 is a sugar skull necklace by artist Lorena Angulo and she is having a giveaway for it on her blog. She also has a lot of other beautiful jewelery so go check her out.


left to right, top to bottom
1. Genka skull and flower - gwenboul
2. Pin Cushion Queen inspired doll - Toshworks
3. Zombie Skeleton Musician Guitar Solo Metal Sculpture - Zed's Zombie Ranch
4. Scary Skull Scarf PDF Pattern - JudesCreations
*5. Sugar Skull Necklace - Lorena Angulo
6. Sugar Skull hair Flowers - sugarcoffin
7. sugar skull cupcakes - rockamandy
8. Santa Muerte altar talisman - magickshop
9. Skull and Bones Cake - Empress Eve
10. calaveras de dulces - GeeJo
11. OfrendaColonMixquic - Thelmadatter
12. Quijote - José Guadalupe Posada 

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