Saturday, December 18, 2010

Giveaway Winners and FNSI Results

Giveaway winners have been selected via Random Number Generator.

Congratulations to mamafox for winning the toy pattern! She has a wonderful sewing and vintage site that I've been enjoying this afternoon over at Sadie Fox. Go check her out!

Congratulations to nanaandpapa1 for winning the fat quarter dyed fabrics! She also has a wonderful blog full of sewing and quilt-y goodness over at Camp Nana that I have been gawking at today. I especially love the colors and contrast in this Sunset & Shadows one.

Congratulations, ladies! I will be sending out emails requesting postal addresses shortly so I can get them shipped out before I leave in a few days.

Last night was another Friday Night Sew In. I made several brooches and a couple of hair pins for gifts. I decided to make my sis an apron from a completely different pattern than I had previously planned, and I got some pillow cases cut out for Mom (they're not sewn yet, the main part is in an onion skin dye pot as I type) as well as spent a lot of time claying and jewelry making.

Flower brooches and hairpins for sis. The rectangle one at top left isn't one for her. It's an experiment and I'm puzzling out how to make and attach a jellyfish or three to it. The apron pattern (here's the PDF link) I settled on to go with these for the gift is a reversible half-apron from Celebrate Mag that I got to from Going Home to Roost. It has far fewer bits and pieces to cut out than those in the pattern I bought.

Commercial cotton print (tiny black polka dots and what looks like boxes to me) soaking in a hot and steamy dye pot.I have it folded up on itself and tied in three places with twine in hopes of getting s tie-dye effect, but I couldn't get the jute twine to tie exceptionally tight so we'll see in about an hour.

How cute are these hens!? I got them at JoAnn's when we took a sojourn to the location in Nashville a while back and they were in the red tag fabrics. This is the accent fabric to go with what's in the dye pot right now for Mom's pillow cases. I may give the chickens a quick dunk in the dye pot to even out the tones between the two fabrics, but I haven't decided yet.

There was also a lot of this going on last night. Not sewing, I know, but there's still some jewelry ideas bumping around up in my noggin needing to get out and come to life. I'm not entirely happy about the feather impressions I got running a feather through the pasta machine with my clay slabs, but I'm not entirely unhappy about them, either. I'm thinking I need to paint over the feather before I remove it from the slab and that may help with definition. Then again it might not and this may not be a technique that is very well suited to polymer clay. I'll try it next time and see.

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