Monday, December 13, 2010

Good Mornin'!

I'm usually not coherent enough this time of day to post much of anything. But we got snow yesterday (squeee!) and it drifted all over last night so it's nice and bright outside this morning, not to mention cold. My favorite online weather site tells me that it is currently 12F outside and that's without taking windchill into consideration. So really, it's like a big ol' slice of Michigan winter right here in the middle of the country and letting the dog out to do her business this morning was plenty to wake me up! Brrr

Actually, Zombie dog didn't even want to go out the door herself. I'm thinking maybe I need to make her a winter coat. Now that she's pretty much grown it would no longer be an exercise in futility. I have a little under a yard of hunter orange fleece from when I worked at the fabric shop in Maryland. And bright orange sure would be beneficial to keeping track of her and preventing hunters from thinking she's a deer when I take her home for Christmas in a couple weeks.

Today is going to be my own, daytime, version of FNSI. I have gifts that need making. Real sewing things with patterns and everything. These projects include items from the two patterns shown later on in the post. The menswear pattern was purchased specifically to make boxers for my brothers. When Derek was here visiting this weekend, I posed the question to him of what he would like for Christmas prefacing it with I already pretty much knew what I would be making him, but I wanted to know if he had any other ideas.

Derek: Well, I could really use some new underwear. I only have like 5 pair anymore that fit and aren't worn out.
Me: HA! Good! Guess what I was gonna make you anyway!
D: Really? You were gonna make me underwear for Christmas? Cool!
M: You got a pair with you I can use for a pattern?
D: Uhhh, I only brought one other pair with me other than what I'm wearing. Will I get them back?
M: Ya, same day. I only need 'em for like an hour. Then you can have 'em back.
D: Really? Cool, sure.
M: They're boxers, right?
D: *looks right* No. *looks left* Yes. *looks down* No. *looks at me with evident confusion* Well, kinda.
M: Kinda? Are they made out of cotton or a knit? If it's a knit we need to go to the store and buy a pattern that will fit you, 'cause the only other pattern I have I already tried to size down to fit Duncan before he left and it was not entirely successful.

So we took a trip to the store of pattern buying and because McCall's was on sale I now have 3 new and extremely useful patterns. The apron one will be used for gifts for both Grammas, Mom and my sis who has wanted a frilly apron for years. I know she reads this blog and this post will spoil part of the surprise, but she will be no less happy with it. And making it public like this helps me not chicken out on making all those ruffles. The third pattern is a men's shirt pattern for Corey. I won't be making that before Christmas, but he's been asking for some nice new button-downs for a while. I kept saying I can dress him in some really nice new shirts already without buying any new patterns, but he wasn't too keen on wearing pirate shirts to work and most especially not if they had any ruffles. Spoilin' all my fun, I tell ya.

While I was rummaging through my box'o'patterns I found a duplicate that I had planned to have a giveaway for months ago and forgot. This brings me to the topic of my next post for the morning. I have signed up for the Sew, Mam Sew Giveaway Day event. I will be posting a photo of the pattern (really reprint of a vintage Simplicity toy pattern) and giveaway rules in my next post in a few minutes so stay tuned!

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