Friday, December 17, 2010

I Like Lists

Making a list and checking things off of it makes me feel accomplished. And I keep lists for virtually everything, not just groceries and packing for trips.
Some list titles from this year include: Things to Clean around the House (this one get remade and reordered frequently despite never getting everything on it crossed off before its next incarnation), Things and Stuff I Want to Dye Other Things and Stuff With, Gifts I Need to Make and/or Mail to People (I'm kinda horribly about mailing things on time, especially if I'm the only one who knows it's supposed to be mailed. It's something I'm working on.), How I Want to Rearrange the *insert room of the month here* For Better Use and/or Easier Maintainability, As Many Jewelry-type Things I Can Think of in 10 Minutes to Make Out of Sticks and Rocks, Healing Gear Upgrades from Heroics, Things I Could Make for the Shop, Furniture-type Things I Want to Make out of Sticks and Branches So I Don't Have to Buy Them From the Store, Delicious Things to Cook and/or Bake Right Now, Stuff I Want to Blog About, Things and Stuff I Want to Learn How to Do and Make, My Wardrobe (in which I listed every piece of clothing I have and decided I needed to simultaneously downsize and get more of certain kinds of items, namely bloomers, pretty skirts, tights and nice blouses), etc.

See, I told you, lists for virtually everything. However, I haven't made a list to reference for this year's holiday gifts as yet. I know there's only like a week left or something like that, but keeping up with the list in my head is beginning to make me a bit mental recently, and overly scatterbrained from not wanting to forget anything. So here is another list, immortalized on teh interwebs so I can cross things off of it and not forget anything when it comes time to head back to Michigan in a few days or so. If you're reading this and one of the gifts is for you, well, too bad, I'm not so good at the secret keeping and it isn't like you couldn't figure it out anyway since I've probably told everyone but you what I'm making for you and most of them are not good at the secret keeping, either.

Things I Need to Make Before I Leave and Who They Are Going To
sister - brooches for work, apron
sister's hubby - beer steins and beef sticks
brother 1 - boxers, beef sticks
brother 2 - quilt top
Dad - embroidered quilt top
Mom - king size pillowcases, maybe an apron
Gramma G - apron
Gramma K - handkerchiefs
The Awesome-est 3yo Ever and his Mom - quilt from the fabric we painted on for 2 months
Zombie - fleece coat so she doesn't freeze and so I can find her in the woods

Some of these are already done, some are in various stages of not quite done yet but almost and some have not been begun. Self-imposed deadline of Tuesday for finishing up anything gift-like that will be going to Michigan with me. 

I cleared off the table yesterday, cleaned the house, cut out patterns and generally anticipated having a major sewing day. Then I got an idea in my head that had to be purged before I could continue. I've been wanting a super cheap way to make domed shaped from polymer clay and came into possession of two spent incandescent bulbs. Huzzah, problem solved! They just needed bases added and then one thing led to another and I spent the evening claying instead of sewing.

P.S. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance at some of my fabric and a vintage reprint Simplicity toy pattern. I'll draw winners late tonight and announce them tomorrow morning.

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