Thursday, December 23, 2010

See You Next Year

Finishing up very last-minute gift sewing and waiting for my ride north. Thought I'd post a few pics of what's been going on around here. Some of these were started months ago, some were made in the last few hours (well, hello, scented hand warmers tutorial). I now have a stack of blueberry-scented and a stack of eucalyptus-scented hand warmers to hand out in addition to the cedar-filled sachets I made last month. There are a few things that I won't make until I get there; brother's boxers and sisters apron namely. I want to make sure I'm making the boxers the right size and the apron just because I'm very tired and don't want to mess it up.  My Wednesday was spent hand sewing a couple cute things, tying in loose ends on crochet, and going over my packing list repeatedly between watching episodes of season 3 of Lost on Netflix. I need a shower and to pack a few stragglers into boxes before my ride gets here. Here's to a safe and warm holiday break and I'll meet you here in the new calendar year.

The Awesome-est 3yo Ever worked on painting this piece of cream satin for better than 2 months. I tied it off with a funky green knit fabric as a batting, bound it with plain muslin bias tape and now it's a quilt. I love my Jacquard textile inks. They're a really awesome way to turn everyday play and painting into something different and a lot more permanent than paper paintings. Mom and I helped out on occasion. Hey, who doesn't love playing with colors and brushes and stamps occasionally? 

Mom's pillowcases came out wonderfully and I also figured out the jellyfish attachment problem. Not sure yet exactly who gets the brooch; I think I want Dad to have it, but I'm shy one Gramma-worthy gift as of this moment. We'll see.

This piece went off to its new home in Holland, MI where it is being displayed beautifully stretched on a canvas in a customer's home. I had never considered displaying any of my fabrics as art in and of themselves before, but the pic she sent with the feedback has me rethinking the concept.

This last one is just for my own entertainment, really. See, the eaves of the house do not drain properly and birds come to drink out of them after rain/snow. If I'm cautious about it in the morning, I can open the door stealthily enough that I don't scare them all away and then my reward is getting to watch fluffy bird butts bob all along my gutters. Ya, I already know I'm weird, it's ok. It makes me happy. :)


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  2. The Awesome-est 3yo Ever has come up with something really cool ! I wish I could be less rigid in my crafty style and do something as free and flowing as this.


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