Sunday, December 12, 2010

"Sorry I Disappeared" and Friday Night Sew-In Results

Heya. Sorry for disappearing for almost a month.    >.< 

I don't want to be *that* blogger. You know, the one who regularly apologizes for disappearing off the face of the Internet for weeks on end. I had a calendar all printed out and had arranged all sorts of things on it at regular intervals that I wanted to blog about, but that challenge in October kinda burnt me out on blogging. I had to fight with myself for everything that got posted in November and it just wasn't fun for me. So I've concluded that that kind of regular blogging is not for me. I'm really good at planning, just not so good at schedules and deadlines; even when they're self-imposed. Hell, my senior thesis for undergrad wasn't turned in until the day we were supposed to walk across the stage. And even at that it was turned in while I was wearing my cap and gown on the way to the auditorium. See there? Not something I'm particularly proud of and probably something I should work on, but this really isn't a new development.

So. Where does that leave us? Some kind of unfortunate craftyblog limbo I'm sure. I want to still share recipes and links to sites and things that I love as well as photos of things I've made.The overall feel and tone of what I write and post about will not be changing. That is, it won't be changing as long as I'm not changing myself or my personality as that's where all of this comes from. I like making things and cooking and writing and reading and life in general and sharing all that kind of stuff here. I just want that to occur in a no-pressure, happy fun time, no deadlines sort of way.

The only content change I anticipate is that some posts in the future will be possibly not safe for work or objectionable to certain people. Thus far I have kept the blog G or, at the very most (though I can't think of any posts offhand that would qualify), PG 13 rated. I have ideas and sketches for things that I want to make and share that would probably be considered inappropriate for family viewing by part of the general populace and I don't really want to maintain another blog so that I can share those things, though I may ultimately decide to do so. For those reading this right now and thinking about dropping me from your reader or clicking on un-follow, please know that these posts, if they happen here instead of another blog I'd maintain, will be very clearly labeled and have page breaks included so that you can make the decision to view them if you want and will not just pop up without warning; that would be inconsiderate and just plain rude. I have yet to make the ultimate decision, however, if I will be posting those here or elsewhere and if you by chance have an opinion about such, feel free to say so in the comments or in an email to me. I will definitely take your statement about the matter into consideration.

Alrighty, now that all that is purged from my thought train and in print so to speak, we can get on with the fun stuff. Yay! :) I loves me some fun stuff! And photos. I love those, too. Guess what!? I have both below. Woohoo! Happy fun times! Enthusiasm! Ya! *coughcough* Anyway...

I signed up for and participated in Heidi's Friday Night Sew-In this week. I was supposed to post the results yesterday (Saturday) but my brother brought my pseudo-Dad into town for pseudo-Dad's son-in-low's deployment to help out his daughter with childminding and housework duties before she moves back home and I would much rather have spent all the time I could with them instead of being on the Internet not matter how much I do enjoy blogging and sharing with you all here. There's another FNSI the 17th and I feel so awesome about how much I got done this round that I've signed up for the next one, too. It may not seem like I got that much finished from the photos, but keep in mind that everything I did was completely by hand, no machine in sight.

It is not sewing, but I started making a lap blanket for Great-gramma's holiday gift. It's a huge granny square crocheted with what I think it a size P hook using 2 strands held together of random acrylic yarns from my stash. I still have to work in all the yarn ends, but the boy had a blast choosing which color yarn to use next and helping me by cutting the yarn to change color. I just have to remember from henceforth to lock the scissors back up in the Starline case I use for a sewing box in the future as he woke up the next morning and started cutting up threads, yarns, glasses cleaning cloth, leftover fabric bits, etc. Luckily he stuck to cutting my sewing materials and things I've allowed him to cut before and nothing else in the house.
Crochet granny square lap blanket. Arcylic stash yarns, colors chosen at random by the most awesome 3yo ever.

My tootsies have been freezing lately, especially during raids. This is partially precipitated by my overall perpetual coldness and partially from my participation in Crunchy's 2010 Freeze Yer Buns challenge as the living room has a space heater keeping it generally in the mid-60s while being separated from the rest of the house which I set to 55-58 depending how I'm feeling on the thrifty/energy-conscious vs. cold scale at any given time. I cut up a wool skirt that was accidentally felted and put the finishing touches on these awesome house shoes. No more painfully cold toes. Even though I have solved the painfully cold toes problem, I won't be going below 55 on the thermostat. 
Black wool from an accidentally felted skirt, turmeric dyed wool yarn, wool felt-covered button fasteners and a tiny heart-shaped button on the heel of the left foot.

The boy (aka most awesome 3yo ever) has been asking for an elephant for months. I thought it was just a passing request while we were painting one day and he would soon forget about it. Nope. Every time I visited he would ask if I had made his elephant yet. So on Friday I dug through my pattern collection looking for a collection of ziploc-baggied pattern pieces organized by animal; a collection of various zoo animal stuffies from a pattern I got from Gramma G way back in junior high and somehow still predominantly intact save 2/3 instruction pages and maybe 1 or 2 of the 7-8 original animals. The boy chose a fabric from the collection of commercial and self-dyed fabrics I brought with me, helped me hold the pattern pieces onto the fabric as I traced them, very carefully placed each and every tissue-y bit of pattern back into its ziploc and then asked every 30-45 seconds during the hand-sewing process if his elephant was done yet. I forgot to bring my polyfil with me so he had to wait ever so impatiently for me to go home the next day and finish sewing up his elephant's tummy so the insides wouldn't fall out. FYI - it's a boy elephant and his name is Jumbo; the big-eyed bat is a girl bat and he hasn't chosen a name yet for her
Unbleached cotton, organic cotton sewing thread, tiny mismatched button eyes, cotton thread braided tail and embroidered heart on butt. The boy absolutely loves his new elephant. 

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  1. Love the elephant! By the way, great color choices for the blanket. I'm sure great-grandma will love it! :-) Looking forward to coming down to pick you up for Christmas!


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