Monday, January 17, 2011

I'm sorry, Basia Bulat, I have a new music crush.

Her name is Adele and she's the reason I haven't been listening to you lately. I think she's sexier - hello, gorgeous, curvy and perfectly put together - and her voice makes me swoon, but in a very different way than yours. She's taken a page straight out of R&B history here with Rolling in the Deep, very Stax-esque sounding. I even like her previous, non-bluesy, works even if they are a bit moody and piano-heavy. But I'll be back; nobody can work an autoharp like you, love.

This link is my favorite version of Rolling in the Deep from the ones I've found. It's live, which I generally find more interesting than other videos, but she's not sitting in a chair and you can see how she portrays the music both physically as well as vocally. I've said a bit before about how physical music is for some people and, according to the videos I've seen, Adele is one of those people. This version is not available foe embedding here in the US, however, so you'll have to click it or go to her MySpace page to see it. My peeve with the version that I am able to embed, below, is that the director has her seated through the entire video, which detracts attention from her figure and dampens a bit of her physicality in singing, leaving her with primarily her hands alone for expression. Not that she's failed in that realm at all - even seated - but, come on, seriously, she's gorgeous! There is no need to be hiding her figure by setting her in a chair. Although she is also wearing a shapeless poncho-type garment in the live video so maybe she's a bit self-conscious about her figure also. Or maybe it was just cold there. At any rate, I've made it clear I'm smitten. Also, she writes her own songs. *love*


  1. YES! LOVE her! I have a station on Pandora that is called "Adele" and love it! Great choice ;)

  2. P.S. My favorite is "Chasing Pavements" :)


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