Friday, January 14, 2011

It's The New Year Now

Happy belated new year to you. My New Year's Eve involved Friday afternoon thrifting (show and tell later), Koegel's pickled bologna and gov'ment cheese with some of Mom's gluten-free pretzels for dinner, some book reading while researching Corelle dinnerwear patterns on farmhouse dial-up (not recommended as it's dreadfully dull) and falling asleep by 10pm after having forgotten there was an entire cabinet of alcoholic deliciousness at my disposal. Oops. I made up for it the next evening with a green tea, strawberry daiquiri sorbet and peach schnapps concoction for dessert ans it was equally as spectacularly delicious and awesome as the previous evening was uneventful.

I don't have photos of the gifts I finished up while I was home, but Derek got 8 pair of boxers in various fabric types, colors and designs and Dez got a sweet sundress-turned-apron with completely adjustable ties that will fit her throughout the remainder of her pregnancy. I did get a quick pic of a baby shower gift Mom and I collaborated on. She made the blanket and burp cloths; I decided on the colors and painted the designs on from iron-on transfers and Artex paints.

gender unknown baby shower gift

I've been back for a couple of days now and I would like to publicly state how awesome my mother is for spending an entire day with me here creating a new, functional organization system for my sewing/creating space. The rest of the house was awesomely clean and organized, but neither Corey nor I had any clue how to tackle that area. If you're reading this, Mom: Thank you! Since then I have been purging and reorganizing certain areas of the house to fit in all the dishes, fabrics, metal shavings, deer antlers and bones and other sundries I stuffed the car with on the return journey. Currently I am listening to some Iron and Wine and taking a break from photographing all of this:

Corelle, Pyrex and Mikasa dishes

I've been considering trying out re-saleing for a while and wanted to make sure whatever I decided to try it out with would be something I would be delighted to own myself if I couldn't move it and decided on Corning/Corelle and Pyrex. There's some Mikasa stuff in there, too, as I loved the designs and colors when I saw them. I've been partial to Pyrex since childhood. Something about the weight and feel of Pyrex makes it wonderfully tactile and the translucency is a treat in itself, not to mention the supreme durability of it. Everything you see in that photo cost me less than $30, I kid you not. Our thrift store is incredible. And I love every piece. Not so very much that I can't part with it mind you, but enough so that I would still be happy were it to go unsold. They'll all be added to the shop over the next few days along with some new jewelry, notions and handmade toys. I have taken the shop out of vacation mode in order to start listing new items and everything that was there before the holidays has been put on sale, but the official reopening date is still Tuesday the 18th.

I even have a few pretty hook handled cups and saucers; they stack together like nobody's business.  One design even has the matching creamer and sugar bowl!

The deer antlers and bones mentioned previously are for making buttons and beads (also have a necklace idea but not sure how it'll work out) once we get a soldering iron and repair the Dremel as Zombie chewed the cord off at the butt end of it before we found out she was a big time chewer. I also have a shopping bag chock full of oyster and clam shells and crab claws and shells that have been awaiting similar treatment since before Halloween so this Dremel fixing business needs to happen soon. There's half a ribcage, some vertebrae, a couple of skulls and 4-5 separate antlers sitting in an extremely rusted steel bucket in my shower right now. It was in the kitchen, but it had to be moved to make room for the new chest freezer that can be seen in the background of the photo above.

I spent a hefty chunk of time surfing around the net (after I got back, dial-up is the pits for research) trying to figure out what size freezer would be best for us and what the best deal was. It's a frustrating process when internal measurements aren't given in anything but cubic feet. I have no experience with this type of measurement to be able to estimate how large something is, but one reviewer on the Home Depot site put everything into perspective for me about the 7.0 cubic foot freezer when she stated "It held the whole elk plus more!!" Elk-sized. Sweet! That's a measurement I can relate to. 

I have some earrings to make and mail ASAP and now that the freezer has arrived and everything else is pretty much where is goes again it's time to "make some hay" as Gramma might say. Time for me to go back to photographing dishes so I can clear the table and have some work space. Huzzah!

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