Saturday, January 15, 2011

Oh, the Dishes!

Mikasa Sachets pattern tea set, in use.

Care for a spot of tea?

Mush is what my head feels like right now. I took a two hour World of Warcraft break from photographing dishware (for close to five hours today) and my head still feels like it's full of syrup. I thought I had gotten absolutely all of the dishes photoed, but I forgot a few on my desk near where I normally photograph things. All of today's pics were taken atop my brother's gorgeous oak table in the kitchen. A dark, vintage tabletop seemed like a great backdrop for all of this bright and shiny vintage glass and ceramic. I'll have to get the last few finished up tomorrow morning before I start in on the scheduled bias tape making and polyclay creating for the day.

Corning Snowflake Blue patterned tea set including two hook-handle cups, hook-handle creamer and sugar bowl (without lid).

Y'all, I drank so much coffee today that I feel like I can almost see forever. Seriously. I'd say probably 2/3-3/4 of what I have are teacups, saucers, tea sets, or coffee cups and, really, what's the good in photographing those without tea or coffee occupying them. Hm? I think they look even more beautiful and appealing in use and filled with caffeinated bliss than they do just by their lonesome. I am a sucker for functional ware, though. I'd rather use it and take the chance that it may get damaged or broken than have it sitting on a shelf somewhere just for looks; that's what museums are for. I know there are many more people collecting these things who disagree, but that's how I feel.

Autumn Bands - Turquoise by Pyrex

Look at that pretty, translucent milk glass. Oh, I just love it. This was taken in a cloudy moment when it looked like it would really pour down this afternoon or else this plate would be even more ethereal looking. Despite the brain mush feeling, I enjoyed myself very much today taking all these photos. Vintage dishware like this Pyrex plate really does gain a lot of character over its years of use and spending a few minutes with each piece today felt like meeting new people. There was a lone Pyrex mug in the mix that didn't match anything else; same turquoise color as above but in stripes around the top. Mom handed it to me, along with a few other Corning cups and Pyrex mugs, at the last minute while I was packing up all the dishes for the trip back. I think I may keep it and, quite possibly, name it as well. Alright, so, I'm weird. I know. It's ok.

Flower Dance by Royal (USA)

As far as thrifting goes, I also have an affinity for 60s-style floral designs like the dinner plates above. They're so delightfully graphic and block-y in nature. I had a holy $#!^ moment, though, when I finally found a reference to the pattern name and manufacturer. These dinner plates sell for $8-17 each at depending upon condition. One of mine appears to be in superior condition with the second and third having minor cracking/crazing of the glaze on the underside or small chip out of glaze on the surface from use. I had originally purchased these as replacements for larger plates of Corey's that have been dropped and broken over the last few years. I will definitely see if I can sell them, but I'm going to be contacting a china replacement specialist company or two before they're listed in the shop to see if I can get a definite sale on them instead of possibly having them sit in the shop for weeks.

Mikasa Sachets pattern tea set: 4 cups, 4 saucers, creamer, sugar bowl with lid; only minor chipping of glaze in a couple of places on cup rims, no major damage.

Speaking of lovely 60s-style floral patterns, isn't this set just the bees' knees? The sugar bowl was the first piece I spotted and I actually did not get it on the first trip to this particular thrift store as it looked really stained and grubby; the kind of dirt that doesn't just wash off. However, the second trip yielded the matching cups and then I set about looking for the rest of the matches. A little bit of Barkeeper's Friend (that stuff is seriously awesome and useful) on a soft cloth took care of the grubbiness straight away and they look good as new. I ended up with 2 more saucers than I have cups for and I'm debating what to do with the extra pair. Do I include them as part of the set and make the total 4 cups, 6 saucers, creamer and sugar bowl? Do I keep them for myself? List them separately? Turn them into freaking amazing pincushion trays? The drilling in the last option there does make my eyes go all buggy out of my head, though, truth be told. I don't think I could do that to these saucers, they seem like they're way too special to take a drill to. I haven't done any research yet on this pattern and so I have no idea how rare it is or what price a set like this could fetch. Mikasa in general has great resale value and, even without the name Mikasa being attached to them, this pattern is very attractive in and of itself.

Arighty, I am off to sort through the fabric collection for yardages that would make great bias tapes and then getting my polyclay station set up on the kitchen table again now that it is no longer full of dishes.

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  1. I love, love, love the Mikasa pattern and I would love to have a whole set of dishes in that pattern.


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