Saturday, January 22, 2011

Scraps and Hexes

Sorry the pics are in such poor light. Corey and I cleaned a lot today and I've been enjoying his company on his day off instead of doing what I had said I would do. So I just now took these pics -with the overhead fluorescent in my bedroom- to go with the story below. I've also been proto-typing a pincushion design, but I'll show/tell that some time later. Below is a quick snap of the progress on my hex quilt. It's shown atop another hex quilt (hope it isn't too horrible to differentiate the two) that was made by Corey's grandmother.

Hexes on hexes. Mine = 1 inch sides, Corey's Gram's = 2 inch sides

One of the things I took back home with me to work on while I was there is the Grandmother's Flower Garden pattern hexagon quilt top I am hand piecing. Great-Gramma saw me stitching away in a corner of the table, talking to everyone before Christmas dinner at her house and commented that she and Gramma had once made a quilt in that same pattern, only their hexagons were a little bigger than the ones I was working. She asked if she could see it for a bit. I handed it to her and she handed it back after looking at the stitches and paper pieces left in reinforcing the edges and said "I like that pattern, the flower garden." I didn't think much of this exchange at the time; it was just like handing my work over to any other fellow crafter or stitcher for them to get a closer look. I replied that I liked it a lot, too, and that the paper piecing really doesn't feel as tedious as I had thought it would.

scrumptious scraps. some new, some old, all perfectly terrific :)

Several days later I got a call from Gramma saying that she had something for me from Great-Gramma that I would need to come over and get before I left. Now, I know Great-Gramma is getting up there in years and is around the age where people generally start to get rid of things, but Great-Gramma is not really one of those people who has a lot of stuff lying around to give away. Sure, she has some knick-knacks and a lot of older family photos on her wall, but those things are hers and they are things that she really enjoys. Imagine my surprise when I went to visit and was handed a small bag of perfectly sorted and arranged scraps just the perfect size for my hexagons. Did I forget to mention that my great-grandmother was a professional seamstress and quilter in a past life? (And was her stuff ever great; tiny stitches, perfectly turned collars and binding corners, the whole bit.) Apparently she was so impressed with what I had been doing that she decided these little fabric sweets needed to go live with me. They're leftovers from old quilt tops and clothing she'd made years ago. Call me a sap, but it was all I could do not to cry right then and there. The scraps she included are so very pretty and most of them are not things I could have gotten any other way. There was some debate before, but now I know that I will definitely be keeping this quilt for me.

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  1. I love your hex quilt! I've never been very patient with traditional quilting, but I have to admit, you're tempting me to try again!


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