Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Shop Re-Opening

Today was the official reopening of the Etsy shop. Everything posted today was vintage glassware and dishes, mostly Corelle and Pyrex. Describing things for posting takes more time than I recall. But, then again, I apparently have no realistic idea of how long most tasks should take and frequently fail to allot enough time for completion. My "To Do" lists and constant rearrangement of tasks on my Google Calendar can attest to this. Ah well, thus is life.

Here are a couple of my favorite item postings from today:

Corelle Corning Meadow design cup and saucer and sugar bowl with lid.

This cheery pattern was the first one posted today. I smile every time I look at it.

Cat-Tail design porcelain bowl by Universal Cambridge
This pre-WWII porcelain bowl is the sole survivor of a dinnerware set. It has lots of crazing to the glaze and scratches on the decorative decals, but oh, the stories it could tell. The only living person I know who would have stories to compare is my Great-Gramma on the Beech side of the family.

Speaking of Great-Gramma, I have a short story to tell about some fabric bits. I'll save it for tomorrow when I can also take some pics to go along with it. Sweet dreams and see you tomorrow.

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  1. I loved seeing that pattern - it's my SIL's pattern and we used to have tea with it many years ago - we live about 1700 miles apart now...


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