Saturday, February 19, 2011

February FNSI Results

Hello from whatever forever it's been since I've added anything here. Probably a couple of weeks or something? ::looks through blog history:: Eesh, it has been about a month. I have been making things and doing things and being generally productive in some way or another, promise. I just haven't had time to do much here.

Still looking for a legit, full-time, part-time, whatever-time, paying job. I recently read a post at The Time For Change wherein she spoke of 'new and exciting opportunities' and the associated feelings thereabouts regarding being unemployed. Duncan is back home now, though, so that does make me feel better. I missed his silly face and comments.

Camera is nowhere to be found at the moment, but I'll leave you to imagine a drying rack full of wool, silk, cotton and denim in various stages of mordanting and dyeing, sitting atop the chest freezer because it's too windy and rainy to leave them outside. I went on a dyestuffs collecting walk a few days after the snow all melted here (we had snow for real for once, 6-9 inches) and have had a pot or two going on the stovetop ever since.

I did participate in this month's Friday Night Sew In. In lieu of photographs, here is some stuff I did piled onto the bed of our scanner. Top: white linen with rows of running stitches in preparation for a multiple color dye process involving onion skins and walnut husks. Right: Nylon lace dyed a great burnt-orange color after simmering all day (oops, forgot about that crock pot for a while) in a crock full of ground annatto (achiote) seeds. Bottom: Edge of Corey's very well worn comforter/quilt repaired in boro inspired style using leftover bits of threads and yarns and the remains of fabrics past (in the form of small and sometimes not-so-small scraps).

February FNSI results
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