Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hello Again

I have been busy lately. Lots of going and doing and sleeping; not incredibly interesting, really. I have a nanny/babysitting position 4-5 days per week now and the boy I care for is perpetual motion personified. So far we have painted, read books, done some drawings, more painting, played with my camera (as shown above), cartoons almost always on in the background, played battleship and destroyed my sock poi. All within a week. After bedtime I can do whatever I like, though, and it usually entails stitching on something.

paper mache with fabric; bowls

I thought about making paper mache boats. However, I have exactly zero experience with paper mache. Seriously. None. How did I manage almost 29 years of life and not play with paper mache ever? I decided I should try it ut myself before we do it together. I printed out a boat pattern from Ann Wood's blog and made that up. Then I got the idea for bowls and added fabric instead of paper. I really enjoyed it and will likely continue making things with this technique in the future.

stack of improv paper pieced blocks

I did some improvisational paper piecing with my (vast) scrap stash and printer paper. This is as far as I've gotten with them, but they will be a quilt sooner or later. Still deciding if I want to just use the paper pieced scrap blocks or add a solid sashing between and around everything.

natural dyed linen scarf

This piece of linen is currently one of my favorite things. It was gathered shibori-style with stitching and painted with an egg white wash (the darker yellow stripes between the stitched stripes) before going in to an onion skin dye bath. Then I tied twine around the egg wash stripes, leaving the stitched ares intact, and dumped it into the walnut bucket for a couple of days. Some of the deeper coloring washed out after laundering, but most of it stayed intact and I will definitely be using the egg white technique in the future for dyes that are more protein-reactive (like onion skins).

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