Thursday, March 3, 2011

Open Letter to Representative Anthony Weiner

It has come to my attention that a blog post without a picture is 'kinda boring' so I've edited this post to add the above photo. Please enjoy this grasshopper in the flowers version of heartwarming nature crap.

I am not generally altogether fired-up about politics, government or governmental processes, but the recent slew of anti-woman legislation over the last few months has just been too much for me to handle. I promise this is not and will not be becoming a political blog. I just need to get some things off my chest so I can continue with my day. My sewing, job applying, dog feeding and walking, cooking, cleaning, blogging, embroidering, singing-along-to-the-radio, self-loving and self-respecting and otherwise radically subversive day of being a woman in the United States.

Rep. Weiner,

I recently watched "GOP Attacks Women; Weiner Responds" on your YouTube channel. I know that you are a busy individual representing your own district, but I wanted to take a few moments to express my profound admiration and gratitude for what you have been doing and saying in support of the women of this country. Specifically, I want to thank you for the things you said in response to Rep. Johnson regarding expansion of the Hyde Amendment and redefinition of rape. Despair is the only word I have to describe my feelings lately about being a woman in the US, especially a non-wealthy woman. (I also admire your acknowledgment of multiple forms of privilege, of which some of your colleagues seem to be oblivious, during the stated exchange.) Your speech is literally the best thing I have seen or heard in the past several months during the GOP's "women aren't human" policy push.

Thank you for standing up for me (even though I am not one of your district constituents) and letting me know there are still representatives who believe in my rights to bodily autonomy and my own agency. Thank you for standing up for the fact that my uterus is mine and belongs to me and not anyone else including my partner, my family, my neighborhood, the church or the government. I wish more lawmakers were as outspoken about such blatant misogyny as you. Thank you so very much for standing up for women, because my elected representatives won't. 

Sincerely and Gratefully,

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  1. All this proposed legislation makes me very sad to be a woman in America. How can someone tell a woman, "No, I'm sorry, you can't have a life saving abortion. Your baby's life is more even though your baby won't live without you. You're both going to have to die." It makes me so angry and sad.


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