Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rice Cooker Steamed Custard, post 1: the start

All my materials are gathered.

Into a (I think) 3 quart sauce pan I have added approximately 6 cups of milk and 3/4 cups sugar. I say approximately because that's exactly what it is, approximate. Unless you work in a professional kitchen or bake stuff, exact measurements are really necessary. This is, I fee, supported by the fact that we measure our ingredients almost exclusively using cups and spoons instead of grams and ounces. Once yoiu get used to cooking based on principles instead of recipes and exacting measurements, you may find that measuring takes away part of the fun of general, day-to-day cooking for yourself or your family. At least, I know it does for me.

About 6 cups milk in saucepan. I measured it using that jar in the photo. I now have that jar rinsed and filled with jasmine green tea and honey. Mmmm, sweet, floral, caffeinated goodness.

Pouring in the sugar, which, contrary to the fact that I used a measuring cup, was roughly eye-balled and then double-checked against the measurement on the side as I am practicing being able to tell how much of something I have added based on looks. This skill, when honed, will come in handy for future Recipe Friday posts wherein I will share recipes of my own invention or from my memory.

My assistant; who is not so much habout the assisting as she is the insisting that I take her out to play. Compromise: dog gets tied to chair on 20 foot leash, outside, while I watch from the warmth and kitchen-y-ness of indoors as she romps and chews on sticks. (I should probably get a dog anchor. Or a mobile home anchor; those hold trailers down, there's no way she could pull one up, right? Unless my dog can exert the equivalent of tornado-force winds, in which case the anchor is basically useless, both for holding dogs in place as well as trailers.)

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