Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rice Cooker Steamed Custard, post 3

Got your sieve? If not, have a clean fork or slotted spoon? Ok, good.
Got your bowl/pot of milk and sugar? Good.
Have a pitiful looking dog staring in the window at you wondering why you don't come out and play? No? Well, I do. I'm going to go let her back in. And rescue my drying rack from certain toppling as she has her leash wrapped around the base of it.

All set now? Good. Things will move a bit more swiftly here for a few moments.

Ok, materials gathered, dog and laundry rescued, I'm ready to sieve some eggs.

Pour your eggs into the sieve. See all that gloppy stuff in the bowl? That's unincorporated egg white, the stuff you'd remove using your fork or slotted spoon if you didn't have a sieve.

Just pour it in and let it set a bit. It will go through fast at first, but as egg white gets caught in the mesh, it will slow down and sometimes even stop. This is when you get out a spoon and scrape it along the bottom to loosen up some of the egg white and allow the remaining liquid to go through.

This is whaat I had left at the end. About 1/2 an egg I'd say. I could put it back in my whisking bowl, add more of the milk and sugar mix, and re-whisk it, re-sieve it, etc. I am not going to do that; see earlier posts regarding Daylight Savings related crankiness.

Gently stir everything together. Try to not make bubbles in it. Bubbles will leave pock marks on top of your custard. Unsightly, but nothing to really worry about as far edibility.

Add your vanilla and stir it in. No measurements, just to your own taste preference. I happen to really love vanilla and so I add a lot, probably about 3 tablespoons in this instance. If you don't love vanilla that much or don't want to use that much of your expensive Moroccan vanilla extract, don't use as much or swap out all or part of it for the immitation stuff. There's no shame in it. I use the imitation stuff all the time. in fact I've used up all of my real vanilla so all I have is the big bottle of imitation that you can get from Gordon's Foods.

Also, in the spirit of real time updates, I am neither editing nor retaking any photos. I'm using the point, snap, done, now go upload it photography method.

Carefully pour the mixture into the rice cooker bowl. If you're a stickler for appearances, remove any resulting air bubbles from the top. I am not. So bubbles. Because bubbles. And I don't care.

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