Sunday, March 13, 2011

Easter Eggs

This photo added for those reading via RSS. Final product photo :)

Sorry for the delay. Dogs need walking, you know. We also lost power for a while. I think a transformer may have blown as there was an exploding sound and my computer screen immediately went black,

My eggs are simmering in their pot right now, all snugly wrapped in fabric strips  and greenery. Wrapping up 10 eggs took about 20 minutes, including tearing the fabric into strips. Your eggs do not have to be pre-boiled, but that might not be a bad idea if you are doing this with children or are kinda clumsy. The boiling gives an end product that is less tender than steaming, but most people are not very particular about their boiled eggs in my experience; especially if they are sliced up into salads.

Wild strawberry leaves, dandelion and wild carrot greens, violet blooms and leaves, wild mint, pansy blooms, red and yellow onion skins and one daffodil bud. Please note that I will not be consuming the egg colored with the daffodil as daffodils are poisonous (I forgot to mention this in my last post but have updated it with this information).

Carefully place your botanicals against the eggs and wrap securely with your string, ribbon or fabric. make sure it is snug against the eggshell for good printing.

Keep wrapping, carefully, so as not to drop the eggs, until all of your botanicals have been covered and are snug against the shell. Tie your ends together to secure and place in your pot.

Keep going until you have as may eggs as you want wrapped up or until you run out of space in your pot. I was able to fit 10 in mine in a single layer. Cover with water, bring to a boil for 10 minutes, then remove bundled eggs to a colander to cool.

I will come back 20-30 minutes for the unwrapping and to see what patterns and colors came out.

Update - 4:45PM

Some of your bundles (like the one above with read and yellow onion skins) will show colorful proimise right away. Some will be much more subtle and delicate as with the wild carrot below.

This is the daffodil wrapped egg. The print turned out lovely. I said this in a previous post, but neglected to put it here until someone said something about it. Daffodils are not edible and you should not use them on eggs you plan to consume. This one has been living in my kitchen window for a few days just as decoration. The brown areas on the eggs are because of extra yellow onion skins I added to the boiling water to ensure everything got a nice overall patterning of color since I knew I could rely on the onion skins to do just that.

All of the gorgeous (edible) printed Easter eggs. The blues are from violets and pansies; browns, yellow onion skins; greens, plant leaves. That lovely chartreuse color in the bottom right actually came from a piece of red onion skin. Weird, but really cool.

That's all i have for the real time cooking today. I hope you've been entertained or learned something and if you haven't, my apologies. I will be returning to a regular posting schedule tomorrow. Right now I am totally ready for nap time  x.x

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  1. what an amazing effect....and thanks for the info on circles. x

  2. Those are the most beautifully colored eggs I have ever seen. So pretty and soft! Just perfect!

  3. What a fascinating technique! So subtle and so beautiful! I am having a breakfast brunch this Saturday for my mom's 84th St Patrick's Day birthday. These would be beautiful to serve. Nothing growing this time of year. Do you think herbs from the grocery store would work? Cotton fabric I assume?

    This is my first time stopping by to visit. Looking forward to perusing more of your posts :)

    Kindly, Lorraine

  4. love your eggs, the prints are beautiful.

    Its good to use non toxic plants for printing on eggs, especially if you intend to eat them. Did you know that daffodils are are poisonous plant. You probably did.



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