Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ugh, it's that time of the year again? Srsly? (Wherein I loathe DST, admit that I curse like a sailor in my mind, and commit to real time cooking updates)

I have been up since 4:30 this morning when Corey got a call from work stating that they were out of trash bags and he would need to stop and get some before he came in today. This was actually 5:30 if Daylight Savings is taken into consideration. Screw Daylight Savings. It makes me want to bash my head into rocks every year. I have enough ducks to keep in rows. I have no brain-space for your politically-motivated and definitely not "designed with farmers in mind" Daylight Savings. No daylight is being saved. Let's put up solar collectors on every street corner and store up all the energy in gigantic batteries so that when intergalactic emergencies occur, we can use them to power lights so we can see. Or something. Then I could possibly get behind something related to daylight savings because something is actually being  saved.

So. 4:30. In the morning. For bloody damned trash bags. All because someone can't count or say something when there's only one bag left in the storeroom. (Yes, I do realize I just used curse words. sorry. I'm typing this in the kitchen using Corey's laptop and I'm lazy. And a poor typer in general. I can't be bothered to use the backspace or delete button even thoguh I do see several instances where it would likely behoove me to do so from an editing or reading perspective. The keys on this thing are tiny, my fingers are not particualrly nimble at this point in time, and, truth be told,  curse quite a lot on a day-to-day basis. My internal monologue has a lot more of them a lot more frequently than my spoken or ttyped dialogue does. No, I don't parrticularly feel like discussing this aspect of myself or what it means to my overall wellbeing.)

In honor of Daylight Savings (personal opinions of the political and brain-bashing aspects aside), because I like food and eating, in honor of Easter coming up soon-ish, because I like eggs, because I haven't posted anything for Recipe Friday in months, and because I love ya, today I'll be bringing you two recipes. That's right, two. In one day. Presumably with the curse words replaced or removed as I will have had my tea and/or coffee by then and will also have had time for the circadian rhythm bashing-ness of DST to have lost a bit of its eedge, though I make no absolute promises at this time. Still, two recipes, huzzah!

Well, to be fair, they're really not recipes, per se. More like guides. Don't get me wrong, I  love a good recipe just as much as the next kitchenly puttering-inclined person. And I have at least one legitimate, measurements and everything kind of recipe I need to do a write-up on for Friday. But I don't feel like spreading these ones out. They're both egg-related and I feel like eggs are really kinda misunderstood by a lot of kitchenly putterers. Understanding a little bit of basics and how certain things work like they do has helped me out enormously in my kitchenly putterings. Especially where eggs are concerned. 

On my stovetop right now are three cooking pots. One is boiling away making paper pulp for sculpting experiments. I made the wheat paste yesterday and it has been chillin' in the fridge since then. Please excuse the pun. Paper pulp and wheat paste are on the docket for Recipe Fridays. I just have to, you know, clear the headspace for blogging again and type things. Another pot is cast iron and contains the remnants of a resoundingly successful gluten-free cornbread experiment for which I will totally be giving you the recipe for. It's every bit as good as my regular, tried-and-true cornbread recipe which ahs lived in my head ever sicne I was a teenager. The last one has a mixture of milk and sugar in it in preparation for the first recipe I will be sharing with you today. Rice Cooker Steamed Custard. It will also be my breakfast. The ingredients list is terrifically simple: milk, eggs, sugar or honey, vanilla extract. If you wanted a savory custard a la that Japanese restaurant you went to once upon a time, the ingredients list can be as simple as milk (or broth) and eggs and that's it. I, however, have a sweet tooth and alsso feel no shame in eating for breakfast what most people would generally see as dessert. (Case in point being the day I realized I was an adult and could have ice cream and cookies for breakfast and no one would scold me. I'm not advocating doing so. I'm actually not generally a fan of sweet things for breakfast. just saying that when I do so, I refuse to feel shameful about it. )

So go find your rice cooker, gather your ingredients, and have a real time cooking day with me. I don't actually know how many posts I will end up with today. I will tag them all with "real time cooking" I'm also going to go turn on some Jon Spencer so I can try to either shake off the ugh-ness I'm feeling or revel in it in an appropriately loud and disheveled manner, whichever. 

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