Thursday, March 3, 2011

What's the SPF for bone dust?

I kept asking Dad questions about what kind of blades and saws and bits and such to use for certain things I want to make. He said to get in the truck and we went to the hardware/home supply store up the road a ways to get some new bits and such for the Dremel (which Corey was able to fix well enough for it to work, with minimal finagling. Thanks, love!). So the afternoon was spent drilling and sawing and grinding antlers and bones into discs (for buttons) and pretty shapes for pendants and earrings. I ended up covered in bone dust, but apparently the SPF isn't very high as I still got sunburned. I learned some new stuff about power tools and what bits/blades/etc. to use for various items and now have a small bowl filled with soon-to-be buttons and jewelry.

Also, power tools are freaking cool!

Some things going on. Left: rusty old bucket along with various tools, bowl full of antler and bone bits and pieces, rust dye project involving old can and cotton needlepoint thread. Top right: rust and walnut dye project using nylon lace and a rusty 'cat hook' as Dad called it. Bottom right: inside of the bucket filled with deer bones and skulls I scavenged from the farm over the holidays.

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