Friday, April 15, 2011

April Friday Night Sew-In

Tonight is the April 2011 Friday Night Sew-In. Sign-ups are still open and if you are feeling at all stitch-ily inclined this evening, I encourage you to head on over and put your name down. There's also randomly-awarded prizes involved, too, if that's the kind of incentive you like.

After the week I have had some quiet sewing and movie-watching or loud-as-the-speakers-can-handle music-blaring is definitely in order. Without going into all the details, but still enough to get the point across - mouse traps with weak springs suck and mice can cry tears, bashing fat mama mice over the head with a serving spoon to put them out of their misery pretty much sucks ass in every horrible way possible, 3-4 hours sleep per night takes a tremendous mental and physical toll (how the hell did I manage to do that in college!?) and especially so when one is recovering from a cold/sinus infection, my body and brain react horribly to hormonal birth control (luckily this one will be remedied getting an IUD later this month), the dog is alternately sitting at the front window whimpering and waiting for Corey or Duncan to pull in the driveway or is constantly underfoot and cuddling me so hard I cannot stand/sit straight, she has also become so super paranoid that she bays/barks at cars pulling into driveways 2 houses down and people walking in the trailer park across the road, I accidentally left a load of towels and washcloths drying on the line overnight, said towels got rained on as did Corey's old comforter and the gajillion spools of thread and fabric scraps I had set up on the folding table while I was sitting outside chipping away at the mending said comforter needs. Practically a laundry list, I know, but still not even close to all of it. Seriously. And on top of it all I feel super selfish and super guilty for wanting Corey were here with me instead of visiting family and friends in MO (ideally I'd have been able to go with him and 1/2 this stuff wouldn't have been an issue at all, but my life doesn't work like that right now).

It hasn't all been dead rodents, crying and horribleness this week and, despite the overwhelming crap-itude, I'd be remiss not to mention a couple nicer things to balance out some of the above. I really do try to be an optimist, I swear,  but this week kicked my ass big time.

1. This post from my sister's blog. My sister is gorgeous and awesome and smart and I miss her a lot. Like whoa. I wish I could be in MI when her child arrives.

2. This post from Beth Terry earlier today about free Glass Dharma drinking straws for writing to restaurants about plastic waste from straws and getting restaurants to stop giving out plastic straws automatically. I've been wanting a glass or steel reusable drinking straw for a couple of years so this is totally awesome and you can bet yer sweet bippy that I will writing to at least a couple of places.

3. Finding Hannah Hart's My Drunk Kitchen on YouTube. lmao @ "Ok, cheese is trapped. So you can't have cheese."

As far as the Sew-In, I will be working on either baby items for my sister's due-any-day-now little one or embroidering a risque/profane phrase and image onto a fabric doily as a surprise gift for a certain awesome blogger, fat activist, pop culturist, and PhD student whose personal (some posts NSFW, so fair warning before you click over for this one) and academic blogs I really enjoy reading.

Also, I will be desperately attempting to get the house in enough order that I don't die of embarrassment if/when people come over. And they will as I am sitting the child tomorrow and with no transport to his house (other than a bicycle, but the roads around are dangerous and totally shit as far bike-ability, even by my standards), he will be coming here.     /sigh   I hate needing to have a car to do anything. I also hate this week and need it to be over with already, kthxbai.

until tomorrow,

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