Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Productive Monday, Oh Ya!

29th birthday fun times. I bought myself a set of glow-in-the-dark practice poi and the guys gave me a bag full of gummy candies and wax mustaches.

Today was one of those days that makes me feel like a real life, responsible adult. One of the ones when you get up and you go places and do things and get shit done. In addition to the items detailed below, I also got four loads of laundry washed and hung on the line to dry (1/2 of which was dry before sunset), cooked lunch, spent a bit of time with Corey and Zombie, and reloaded the dishwasher after putting up the clean stuff. Of course, this all means tomorrow will probably be a wash, but whatever. I'm going to briefly revel in my productive day before I get back to sewing up cute baby things. Cute baby things because I'm an aunt now and I've put off making things to find out if I was going to be getting a niece* or a nephew and also because I haven't much felt like sewing for a while aside from hand stitching. I'm also listening to Episode 21 of Stitching-n-Junk. I <3 just about everything about the podcast and Bridget's laugh kills me with its cuteness and frequency.

So I bought a half dozen new bobbins from the local sewing center for my sewing machine this morning. I've been looking for new bobbins ever since I got the machine and every package I find says specifically on the back not to use in any Bernina. Crap. I totally love my machine, but this bobbin situation has been killing me. It came with four of them, but that just isn't enough. At least it isn't for me, anyway. I toted my machine (which still needs to be named, now that I think of it) into the shop and it turns out, they're just regular old class 66 plastic bobbins despite what the back side of all of those bobbin packages claim. At 50¢ each at the sewing center, problem solved for just $3 and some change. Huzzah! And now I don't have to reload bobbins all the time, something I hate doing; such a waste of both time and thread.

Since the bobbin situation was so easily and cheaply rectified, I decided to check out a nearby thrift store that seemed to pop up out of nowhere a few weeks ago. This thrift store boasts 99¢ Mondays wherein all white tagged merchandise (or maybe the tag color changes from week to week, not sure, didn't ask) is 99¢ if under $19.99 or 50% off if over. I didn't really expect to find much since every other thrift store I have been to here has been really pricey or has had virtually nothing to offer for fat people. All of my jeans are either completely worn out, in desperate need of mending (blast you, cheap, faulty zipper!), or rather ill-fitting The few dress pants I have left are in basically the same condition. My dress clothes collection has been dwindling a lot since I quit the box office back in STL and that's kinda horrible since it was never a huge collection in the first place and dress clothes are kind of required for job interviews and sometimes for just running around town doing everyday errands. I went in the store with a vague idea that I'd look around to see if I could find some pants or dress shirts and a rough spending limit of $15. I didn't really stick to that limit, though, because I found so much great stuff. I totally made out like a bandit, y'all!

*Two pair of great-fitting blue jeans, long enough for my height, with a wide enough cut to the legs that they don't strangle my calves, cute stitching details, nice thick material and almost no signs of wear; less than $9 combined. The jeans were most of my total spent, but good jeans are hard to come by no matter who you're asking, let alone someone with 56" hips and a longer-than-average-but-not-quite-tall-yet inseam.

*Two pair of awesome dress slacks, one solid grey (I really love me some grey dress slacks) and one black with tiny red pinstripes; 99¢ each.

*One pair of ridiculously comfortable, long, flowy-legged, black dress pants; less than $2.

*One 70s-inspired sunset-meets-circles-and-geometrics black/white/red print short-sleeved dress shirt that looks great with the pinstriped pants; less than $3.

*One pinafore-style, tweedy brown dress in need of some reconstruction work as it doesn't really look great on me at all in its current condition but does fit and should look pretty cute when I'm done with it; 99¢. I had thought about getting this one a few weeks ago when we first went into the store just to see what they had to offer, but the original tag for $4.98 was too much for something in need of recon-ing and I need more sewing/crafting projects like I need a battery-powered spin-the-bottle game. For 99¢, though, 'tis worth it to me.

*One sleeveless, short vest in the perfect style for which I have been searching for a pattern for ages; less than $3. One caveat, however; It doesn't quite fit. It is so close to fitting, though, that it really is ridiculous. I will let it out a bit, tuck in the little pointy-down-y bits under the bust, and copy a pattern from it.

*One pair stretchy, white tricot, size 6x bloomers with lacy edges; under $2. I am nowhere near a size 6x, but with some new elastic added to the waist these will be a summer staple under skirts and dresses. Added bonus: they're large enough that I can trace a pattern from them and the resulting pattern pieces cut from non-stretchy fabric will make bloomers that will still fit well, but without any weird crotch-al gusseting like in previous attempts at making my own bloomers.

I spent a lot of time in the dressing rooms today, but it was worth it to get some cheap, new clothes that fit. Overall, it's a pretty neat little thrift shop, similar in feel to my beloved Value Village back in STL. They're also accepting applications for employment so of course, I snagged one to fill out and turn in tomorrow. Crossin' my hoofies that I get an interview opportunity and can get a regular job so I can feel like a real life, responsible adult more often by being able to get some student loan bills paid regularly. I'm also heavily considering going through the medical transcription course from here figuring that even once I do get a job, it would still be pretty nice to be able to do that to bring in some extra income. I'm no firecracker typist, but I'm not slow, either, so it shouldn't be tortuous. Any of you know anything about or have any experiences with Career Step or any other similar school/program? I'd like to hear about it if so, whether positive, negative or neutral.

New niece is named Rachel and is, contrary to all of my past experiences/opinions regarding babies, adorable, with a huge head (14.2" holy cats!) and super chubby cheeks, looking every bit her father's child in facial structure.

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