Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Heart Clay

Various polymer clay gauged earrings and plugs arranged on a baking pan awaiting a final baking session so set the acrylic finish.
I've been doing some claying. It's just polymer clay, but still clay nonetheless. These went in the oven earlier this evening; some for shop orders, some for fun.  I'm trying to get back some normalcy after this extended hiatus and all of the stuff in the last post. This is mostly working, I think. Being back babysitting again and getting shop orders so money is coming in is helping immensely as are the comments and emails I have received since the last post. Thank you all for the kind words and supportive messages. I am ok, just struggling on multiple fronts and not sure how to overcome all of these things that seem like separate entities but are actually closely related. What I am sure of is that doing so will involve some form of artistic endeavor as part and parcel of how I process information and ideas.

I have considered removing the last post but decided that, even in all of its erratic, unedited, unabashed messiness, it should stay. It is a record of exactly what was going on in my world at the time and I refuse to apologize for it or edit it for palatability. I want to write in more detail about some of the things covered in that post including why I am so staunchly pro-choice, politics of reproductive health, gender, fat, mental health, my own struggles with self acceptance and self love, and why just being me is so fucking radical and political sometimes that I can't stand it. My last large project took almost two years to complete and was spurred by my younger sister's wedding. It involved family and what it means to me and how I relate to the concept. It also had a lot to do with a sort of slow cloth process, hand work and its relation to my family history. I have no idea right now what form the next large project will take, but I am willing to bet that it will have to do with the things I mentioned earlier in this paragraph as those are the topics I an grappling with so much right now.

I am going to continue to post here exclusively. However, there are going to be posts some people may not enjoy reading and that may very well challenge some people to examine or confront aspects of themselves they may not like or that they may not even know exist. Some of these posts may contain information and language that is not safe for work or that could be triggering for certain individuals depending upon their own life histories. These posts will contain notification of such via the acronyms "NSFW" and/or "TW: (insert topic here)." I hope to resume regular posting soon including Mosaic Mondays, Link Love posts, notification of giveaways I have entered and think are really great,  Recipe Fridays, etc. In the mean time, below I have listed a few links I have found particularly informative or entertaining recently.

Grilling Season: How to Pit Fire Pottery Using a Good Old-Fashioned Charcoal Grill by Sumi von Dassow from Ceramic Arts Daily

Artist and blogger Jenni Horne is a little bird maker

There are loads of really awesome tutorials over at Michele Made Me

Claire Maunsell does absolutely gorgeous, amazing polyclay work and her blog has had some really nice tutorials lately about packaging and achieving the kinds of textures (I really love rough, craggy, aged textures) I've been wondering how to make in polyclay.

Even with the published corrections, I found some of the instructions for this crocheted halter top unnecessarily vague. I think I figured it out well enough that I got a wearable item, though. We'll see what happens after I wash it and block it.

I'm dreaming about what outfits I could put together from my wardrobe to show off something like these leg warmers. I haven't done the measurements or math, but I don't think the pattern will fit me as published so I'll probably have to do some hooking improv to make them work for me.

The sudden, renewed interest in crochet has been instigated by a charity yarning challenge over at Startled Octopus in which I have decided to take part. (please note before exploring the site that some of Startled's posts contain trigger warnings and are possibly not safe for work)

I found this article pretty interesting reading even if the site format screams 1990s: A Natural Age of Weaning by Katherine Dettwyler, PhD Department of Anthropology, Texas A and M University

Glass Attic has a metric beiberload of awesomely helpful and interesting tips, tutorials, and information in general about polymer clay. If you're at all interested in polyclay you should go check it out and bookmark it. 

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