Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sand and Starfish Super Sale!

Octopus applique from Sand and Starfish on Etsy

Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! I forgot about it last night, but there is a pretty awesome sale going on over at the Sand and Starfish Etsy shop right now. Last night I purchased several appliques I have been eyeing for a while, including the brightly colored octopus above. I have really been dragging my feet the last few months about pretty much everything, including making stuff for my new niece, Rachel, and a couple of other adorable little ones with whom I have not spent nearly enough time. I chose 2 sting rays, 2 seahorses, 1 octopus, 1 jellyfish, and a small constellation of mini starfish. I plan to use these appliques on an ocean-themed playmat for Rachel; something akin to this, but with a larger mat and more overall portability.

Stephanie also has a wonderful blog I have been subscribed to since almost the beginning of Sand and Starfish. She's a terrific person and her posts are often inspiring, are always something I can relate to, and are usually filled with color (just like everything in her shop).Sand and Starfish is also on Facebook and there are sometimes posts there about shop happenings before they are broadcast into blogland, so if you like her stuff and are already on Facebook I say you should consider going and liking the fanpage. Stephanie makes a lot more than just appliques and I really like her bags and purses and the fabric choices are phenomenally pretty. The prices are great to begin with and right now there is a 50% off coupon code available for use so go check it out!

Mini starfish appliques from Sand and Starfish on Etsy


  1. Is that a picture of LICHENS IN SNOW?!? We might have just become best friends.

  2. That cute octopus will be really great on a play mat. Good luck on your venture!

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