Friday, October 18, 2013

Mobile blogging, eh?

Well, more life events have happened and now I'm getting my first Michigan autumn in 7 years. Gorgeous! And, after a couple of decades spent living well south of the Ohio River, decidedly chilly. Not yet cold, per se, but I know that's not far off.

If I stand just right in a certain window of The Giant Faraday Cage in the Woods, I can sometimes catch a nice 3G signal connection. So, mobile blogging it is! I have time to write up a post every now and then now that bitty one isn't quite so bitty and have really missed this space. I'm not quite sure how the photo adding bit works via mobile, but I'll give it a whirl. The worst it'll do it's fail to post, right? I mean, it only took me about a week for the Blogger app to download so maybe just text posts? Hm. Not sure how I'll work that with the craft-based bent I started blogging with/about, but hey, whatevs, man.

Here's to blog-y new beginnings!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Tuesday Love Links: Mother's Day

This was scheduled to post May 7 at 4am. It didn't happen for some reason. There are also a couple more posts that were scheduled between then and now that haven't posted. Have to figure out this scheduling snafu before writing any more I think. 

Mother's Day is this Sunday and there is still time to do a quick DIY gift or print and mail a cute card. Here's a small list of possibilities for anyone wanting some inspiration.

1. Mother Owl Love Giftwrap and Stationery Set from JinjerUP
2. Three sets of cards, tags, and patterned paper to use for wrapping and decorating gifts, including one set for grandmothers, from 74 Lime Lane
3. Mother's Day Party printable from Sarah Hope Designs via Catch My Party
4. Frame-able art from Paper Coterie
5. Adorable vintage style floral party printable set from Free Pretty Things For You
6. Just add glue and toothpicks to these cute printables from Floodstreet Press
7. This cardboard locket idea from The Cardboard Collective is cute and super adaptable to making from polymer clay for something a bit more durable
8. Cute Yo Mama card from Cul-de-sac Cool for those with a penchant for something not so saccharine
9. Super easy paper calla lilies from Oh Happy Day make a nice addition to gift wrapping but would also make a sweet bouquet.
10. This teacup pin cushion tutorial from My Kids Guide makes for a nice, quick DIY
11. Customizable vegan body butter recipe from Rawmazing
12. This very nice half apron tutorial from Stitches In Play is easy to follow and the result looks very professional

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Of Art Camps and Littles

Awesome pinch pots made by kindergarten class, fired by me.

Hello again, lovelies. It's no mystery that I have been gone for AGES, but I never elucidated on why I disappeared. Last summer I had an internship at Cheekwood Art and Gardens for their summer art camps. I primarily worked the ceramics camps and fired over 4,000 pieces of artistic and functional student art as well as teacher assisting classes and giving wheel-throwing demonstrations. It was a total blast! I am looking forward to volunteering on a less formal basis again this summer as I don't have the time for working 9 hour days 5 days a week this year.

And that is because of this little beauty:

Baby River, 11 days old.

River was born February 8 via c-section and she has been keeping us extremely occupied ever since. Things have begun to settle into a bit of a routine now, however, and I am looking forward to blogging again regularly and reopening the Etsy shop in the near future. I have a nice post of DIY and free printable Mother's Day items coming up the beginning of the week. Until then, cheers!
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