Friday, October 18, 2013

Mobile blogging, eh?

Well, more life events have happened and now I'm getting my first Michigan autumn in 7 years. Gorgeous! And, after a couple of decades spent living well south of the Ohio River, decidedly chilly. Not yet cold, per se, but I know that's not far off.

If I stand just right in a certain window of The Giant Faraday Cage in the Woods, I can sometimes catch a nice 3G signal connection. So, mobile blogging it is! I have time to write up a post every now and then now that bitty one isn't quite so bitty and have really missed this space. I'm not quite sure how the photo adding bit works via mobile, but I'll give it a whirl. The worst it'll do it's fail to post, right? I mean, it only took me about a week for the Blogger app to download so maybe just text posts? Hm. Not sure how I'll work that with the craft-based bent I started blogging with/about, but hey, whatevs, man.

Here's to blog-y new beginnings!

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